Project and Program Management and Support, KPIs & Reporting, Innovation Support

dere-street services is an Edinburgh-based consultancy set up by Dave Fitch in 2011 that provides project and program management, writing and content services, KPI, reporting and outcome support, innovation support, funding and proposal development, and research management services.

I’ve designed, set up, and delivered more than £50M worth of large-scale multi-partner collaboration programs and innovation proijects. Let me help you and your project teams design and deliver better projects, that are easier to run and which deliver greater impact. I specialise in setting up and delivering large collaborative projects with large numbers of partners spread over many regions and countries.

What dere-street services does:

Project and program management

I’ve more than a decade’s experience setting up, managing and delivering over £50M worth of large, multi-institution collaborations, innovation projects, and knowledge-transfer programmes. Find out more about the programs I’ve worked onthe projects I’ve set up, what I’ve learned and how I can help you.

Writing and content strategies

Do you need someone who can tell your story? Who can pull together all the things you’ve done in a coherent, accessible form? Need a content strategy to maximise the impact you’ve had? I write magazines and articles to get your story across to the right audiences, and I can help you develop and deliver content strategies.

KPIs, impact and outcomes

I’ve helped many large programmes organise themselves so they can report on their KPIs and track their impact using evidence to support programme delivery and evaluation. Find out more!

Innovation support

I’ve set up and delivered more than £50M worth of innovation programmes that deliver innovation at scale – adding hundreds of jobs, improving thousands of services, and enabling millions in economic growth. From Smart Cities to e-government to data to health, see how I can help you.

Funding applications, proposal development and management

I’ve lead successful funding bids for European & innovation funding for over €12M, for health funding for £1M, and have contributed to innovation funding for another £15M. Get in touch to see how I can help you deliver successful bids.

Research programme management

I’ve almost 20 years experience managing and commissioning almost £10M worth of research. From programme design to call management to commissioning to contracting, to research management, I can help you get what you want from your research programme.

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BLING – Blockchain in Government – 2021 Online Conference

Join us on March 3rd 2021 for BLING’s Blockchain in Government online conference. Chaired by Hannah Rudman, it will combine expert presentations, start-up pitches, and introduce 8 new blockchain use-cases developed by BLING.

Read more about BLING, BLING’s unique approach to de-risking blockchain development and adoption, or go to the BLING website.


Learning from LIKE – developing local innovation cultures:

Like! is a 10 partner €4.2M collaborative innovation project that I set up in 2016 to stimulate the demand for innovation in government and to deliver innovative solutions that improved e-government and local public service delivery. I developed a Digital Innovation Culture approach for LIKE that was designed to build local innovation capacity. This enabled accelerated service development and service improvement through the use of the LIKE Cycle model – an iterative model for leveraging capacity development to deliver innovation.

Visit the Like website for more information on the project: