Programme and project management and support

dere-street is an Edinburgh-based consultancy run by Dave Fitch that provides programme design and management, innovation support, funding and proposal development, and research management services. My extensive experience in designing and delivering large-scale innovation programmes will help you deliver your goals.

What I do:

Programme design and delivery

I’ve more than a decade’s experience setting up, managing and delivering over £50M worth of large, multi-institution collaborations, innovation projects, and knowledge-transfer programmes. Find out more about the programmes I’ve worked on, the projects I’ve set up, the content strategies I’ve delivered, what I’ve learned and how I can help you.

Innovation support

I’ve more than a decade’s experience setting up and managing innovation programmes and delivering innovation at scale – adding hundreds of jobs, improving thousands of services, and enabling millions in economic growth. From Smart Cities to e-government to data to health, see how I can help you.

Funding applications, proposal development, pipeline/application management

I’ve been involved in successful funding bids for innovation funding for over £35M, for European funds for over €12M and for health funding for £1M. Get in touch to see how I can help you deliver successful bids.

KPIs, impact and outcome management

I’ve helped many large programmes organise themselves so they can report on their KPIs and track their impact using evidence to support programme delivery and evaluation. Find out more!

Research programme management

I’ve almost 20 years experience doing research and analysis, and have managed almost £10M worth of research funding. From programme design to call management to commissioning to contracting, I can help you get what you want from your research programme.

How can I help you? Get in touch