Innovation Support

I build innovation programmes and provide comprehensive innovation support to organisations looking to change.

Over the last 15 years’ I’ve set up and delivered more than £50M of large-scale innovation programmes in the UK and Europe. I work at the intersection of data, innovation, organisational/process change, and service delivery.

I help organisations turn ideas into actions, developing innovative approaches to complex problems.

I build the organisational foundations and competencies that programmes and organisations need to scale and to succeed.

Innovation support from dere-street:

Innovation design:

  1. problem identification
  2. strategy and objective setting
  3. programme design & approach
  4. programme governance – methods and structures

Innovation delivery:

  1. process development
  2. management, reporting, outcomes, impact
  3. stage-gates, control, risk management, finances

I’ll help build deliverable projects and programmes that add value and have impact.

From Smart Cities to e-government to data to health, get in touch to see how I can help you.