See the LIKE! magazine video introducing our work on ‘innovation cultures’

See a video intro to the set of magazines I wrote earlier this year that capture everything that the LIKE! project has learned about accelerating innovation and building capacity by developing ‘innovation cultures’.

Like is a €4.2M, 10 partner Interreg project that I set up in 2015/16, and which finished at the end of 2019. LIKE! focused on how to accelerate innovation by developing local/organisational innovation capacity by using the Like Cycle approach to develop local innovation cultures. Here is the set of magazines which I wrote earlier this year that bring together everything that the LIKE project has learned.

The 10 partners in the LIKE! consortium – plus a range of additional collaborators including SMEs and other local and regional governments – worked for 3 1/2 years to transform and deliver better services for local and regional government across Northern Europe. Like’s partners have shared a wide range of knowledge and approaches and have looked at innovation and delivery challenges and problems from many different angles and a range of different perspectives.

These 4 magazines give a good summary of the project and provide an accessible route into Like’s findings, outcomes, and the key lessons we learned.