Articles and case studies:

The Smart Cities Approach To Developing Better E-government

'The Smart Cities approach to developing better e-government'

Smart Cities prioritised improving customer services, adopting user profiling in service design/deliver, and exploring the potential of wireless services.

The project used a combination of co-design, targeted academic research, and mainstreaming/public engagement approaches to deliver high-impact and high-profile results that were used to make cities smarter across Europe.

Creating Customer Contact Centres

'Creating Customer Contact Centres'

Cities are working hard to become more customer-driven, and to change how they deliver services to respond better to their customers’ demands. This guide is an introduction to creating a customer contact centre, part of a broader shift in channel and service delivery strategies.

Creating Municipal ICT Architectures – A Smart Cities Resource

'Creating Municipal ICT Architectures – a Smart Cities resource'

E-government requires e-services, delivered by automated business processes and supported by information and communication technologies (ICT). The design and delivery of these services can be clarified and supported by using business architectures, information systems architectures, and technology architectures – along with the design and organisational processes used to produce these frameworks.