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Smart Cities

'smart cities'

I have extensive experience working  in the Smart Cities area. I spent 3 years leading the international research network that supported the Smart Cities Project, and have spent most of this decade working on e-government and innovation programmes that explore how to use data more efficiently and effectively. Read more

European Projects – Design, Proposals, Bids, Funding And Management

Over the last decade I've developed and delivered over €15M of European projects from Like, Bling, and Smart Cities covering innovation, e-services, e-government, change management, and capacity development. See my project portfolio and find out how I can help you with proposal development and project delivery. Read more

Innovation Support

I build innovation programmes and provide comprehensive innovation support to organisations looking to change. Over the last 15 years’ I’ve set up and delivered more than £50M of large-scale innovation programmes in the UK and Europe. I work at the intersection of data, innovation, organisational/process change, and service delivery. Read more

Project results:

BLING - BLockchain in Government

BLING – BLockchain in Government – is a €5M collaboration of 13 organisations – governments, cities and universities – who are exploring how governments can use blockchain to enable the development of the next generation of smart services.

Like! Building Local Digital Innovation Cultures

Like! is a €4.2M collaborative project that I set up for Gemeente Groningen and 9 other partners in 2016 to stimulate the demand for innovation in the public sector and to deliver innovative solutions that improved e-government and local public service delivery.

Articles, case studies and resources:

'The Smart Cities approach to developing better e-government'

The Smart Cities Approach To Developing Better E-government

Smart Cities prioritised improving customer services, adopting user profiling in service design/deliver, and exploring the potential of wireless services.

The project used a combination of co-design, targeted academic research, and mainstreaming/public engagement approaches to deliver high-impact and high-profile results that were used to make cities smarter across Europe.

'Creating Municipal ICT Architectures – a Smart Cities resource'

Creating Municipal ICT Architectures – A Smart Cities Resource

E-government requires e-services, delivered by automated business processes and supported by information and communication technologies (ICT). The design and delivery of these services can be clarified and supported by using business architectures, information systems architectures, and technology architectures – along with the design and organisational processes used to produce these frameworks.

'Co-design in Smart Cities – a Smart Cities resource'

Co-design In Smart Cities – A Smart Cities Resource

Co-design brings stakeholders – customers, clients, service users, citizens – into the service design process. It is a move towards user-led process design, and should lead to a user-led approach to service delivery.

This report brings together in-depth examples of co-design at work in the development of Smart Cities.

'Into the Future – talking about Smart Cities'

Into The Future – Talking About Smart Cities

I’ll be speaking at the 2012 PPA Digital Publishing Conference on Wednesday 26 September in London. The conference theme is ‘Into the Future’, and I’ll be exploring some of the opportunities surrounding the smart cities initiatives for providers of digital data services.