Developing a Local Digital Innovation Culture – Learning from the Like! project

There’s a real expectation that cities and municipalities will be innovative – almost by default. Innovation requires skilled staff and a flexible organisation, so Like! explored ways to develop organisations to embed innovation in how they work and in how they design and improve services.

Why develop a Local Digital Innovation Culture?

The use of digital technologies to deliver public services has resulted in some practical barriers and skills gaps that can affect the delivery and take-up of innovative offerings from local governments. By concentrating on the skills needed for organisational change and development, Like!’s digital innovation approach targets the development of local capacity to lead and implement change activities.

By building a digital innovation culture, cities will be able to develop solutions that learn from the needs of citizens, and which use a multi-helix approach (local government, universities, SMEs and citizens) to identify, develop and share the organisational skills necessary to deliver exciting, efficient, useful and innovative services.

Three approaches developing local innovation cultures

  1. Developing Innovation and Skillslooks at how organisations are working together to prepare their staff and citizens for new digital services – for example using Digicoaches and summer classes to improve digital skills.
  2. New Forms of Engagement looks at ways in which digital innovation can help municipalities reach out to different parts of the community. A great example is how Angus Council in Scotland have used a range of techniques to enable the community to choose where public money is spent through a process called Participatory Budgeting.
  3. Inclusive Services looks at ways cities can ensure that different parts of the community are not left behind by new advances in digital technology – we show for example how partners have worked together to provide services for older people and people with learning disabilities.

There are strong links between these Developing Smarter Services themes and those in the other LIKE! work packages on ‘Digital DNA’ and ‘Creating Digital DNA for Cities and Neighbourhoods’.

Download the complete magazine here: Developing a Local Digital Innovation Culture.

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