funding proposals, bid support and management

I’ve extensive experience developing and supporting funding proposals. I have helped organisations with over €25M of funding proposals to UK and EU funders, and have personally developed €15M of funded project proposals.

I help clients in a range of ways:


  1. developing and writing funding proposals
  2. helping you build project consortia
  3. managing the development of project proposals, including developing work-plans, work-packages and outputs
  4. building KPI/management/reporting systems to help successfully deliver projects, and
  5. developing CRM systems to support bid proposals and manage delivery.


  1. reviewing funding proposals,
  2. building and managing tools to manage funding opportunity pipelines,
  3. building and developing bid management and reporting systems, and
  4. building KPI/management/CRM/reporting systems that work across projects and activities to help you successfully deliver programmes.

I specialise in developing fundable, deliverable proposals.

It’s not enough to get things funded: you have to be able to deliver what you’ve signed up to. I design projects that you can manage and which are flexible, robust and thorough – to ensure that you can both understand and deliver your KPIs. This means you understand what you’re doing, and can successfully manage and report activity, impact, and outcomes.

I’ve extensive experience delivering all aspects of bids and bid management, from opportunity identification to consortium development through business case development, proposal writing and delivery and post-tender negotiation. I have extensive experience developing proposals with industry, universities and governments for a range of funders and funding programmes.

See projects and programmes I’ve set up:

BLING – Blockchain in Government

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