Programme Design and Management

I have more than 15 years’ experience setting up and delivering more than £50M worth of large-scale innovation programmes in the UK and Europe.

I build the foundations you need to make programmes work, and to let you scale your activities and add impact.

I specialise in developing and building frameworks to enable programme/project management, monitoring, and reporting.

This means you can understand what you’re doing, and can manage and report activity, impact, and outcomes.

How I can help you succeed:

Programme Management:

  • Programme design – from inception through delivery to close-out.
  • Managing identification and tracking of KPIs, outcomes and reporting
  • Processes, tools and approaches to manage programmes and deliver impact
  • Developing content strategies to communicate impact to target audiences
  • Setting up contacting and legal frameworks

KPIs, data management, reporting, outcomes, impact:

  • Building management/reporting systems to help successfully deliver projects
  • Building KPI/management/CRM/reporting systems that work for staff, managers and funders
  • Building models to link activities, processes and pipelines with KPIs and outcomes.
  • Delivering content and reporting on activities and outcomes

How can I help you successfully set up, manage, and deliver your programmes? Get in touch and let’s talk!