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European Projects – Design, Proposals, Bids, Funding And Management

Over the last decade I've developed and delivered over €15M of European projects from Like, Bling, and Smart Cities covering innovation, e-services, e-government, change management, and capacity development. See my project portfolio and find out how I can help you with proposal development and project delivery. Read more

Innovation Support

I build innovation programmes and provide comprehensive innovation support to organisations looking to change. Over the last 15 years’ I’ve set up and delivered more than £50M of large-scale innovation programmes in the UK and Europe. I work at the intersection of data, innovation, organisational/process change, and service delivery. Read more

Project And Program Management

I build frameworks for project and program management, monitoring, and reporting. Let me use my 15 years’ experience setting up and delivering more than £50M worth of large-scale innovation programs in the UK and Europe to help you deliver your projects and programs. Read more

Funding Proposals, Bid Support, And Bid Management

I’ve extensive experience developing and supporting funding proposals. I have developed and delivered over €15M of funded project proposals to UK and EU funders, and have also supported organisations run the development of successful funding applications worth an additional €25M. Read more

Smart Cities

'smart cities'

I have extensive experience working  in the Smart Cities area. I spent 3 years leading the international research network that supported the Smart Cities Project, and have spent most of this decade working on e-government and innovation programmes that explore how to use data more efficiently and effectively. Read more

Programme Delivery Support

I provide a wide range of different types of programme support to clients. KPIs and programme structures KPIs (key performance indicators) are key to the management of projects and programmes. Read more

KPIs, Reporting, Outcome Management

I specialise in developing and building management and reporting frameworks that leverage key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable easy and efficient programme and project management, monitoring, and reporting. It’s easy to do ‘stuff’. Read more

Project results:

Like! Building Local Digital Innovation Cultures

Like! is a €4.2M collaborative project that I set up for Gemeente Groningen and 9 other partners in 2016 to stimulate the demand for innovation in the public sector and to deliver innovative solutions that improved e-government and local public service delivery.

Opening UP

Opening UP logo.OpeningUp is a €3.7M international collaboration that opened up new opportunities for businesses and governments to develop transformative services by pivoting to use social media channels to deliver services, and by adopting open data to better target and deliver services.

Articles, case studies and resources:

'Unroll yourself from Unroll.me'

Unroll Yourself From Unroll.me

Unroll.me claims to be a service that helps you manage your email, despite having an app that’s confusing and a faq that’s almost useless. Unroll.me is actually a service that sells insights into your email. Get rid of it.