Announcing the Cancer Challenge ‘Data Dive’

As part of the £1M Cancer Innovation Challenge, Product Forge is running a three day long open data event to use synthetic data to develop new ways to work with cancer data in Scotland.

Product Forge and the Cancer Innovation Challenge are running an open cancer “data dive” event at CodeBase in Edinburgh from Thursday the 15th to Sunday the 18th of June 2017.

What will the data dive do?

This three day (and night) event will give data scientists, clinicians, analysts, policymakers, designers, and software engineers a great opportunity to work side by side for 3 days and 3 nights to develop data focused projects to that have the potential to improve cancer care in the NHS in Scotland.

Participants will form small, cross-functional teams to develop product prototypes with support from subject matter experts (clinicians, analysts, policy makers, business developers, data scientists) and mentors from the wider technology community. Participants will have access to synthetic cancer data sets to work with – including synthetic datasets that mimic the cancer registry, acute admissions, prescribing information and death records.

What is synthetic data?

For the Cancer Challenge Data Dive we are creating synthetic data sets – these are data sets that are mathematically similar to real-world cancer data data, but which are produced by a computer programme. Unlike some synthetic data, our synthetic cancer data aren’t based on individual people’s cancer records, and they’re not based on anonymized data sets either. This means that we can develop models that use a real-world understanding of what real-world data looks like, without actually using real-world data and without jeopardising patient anonymity or confidentiality.

What do you get for participating?

All participants receive mentoring, free meals and 24 hour access to the venue. We will work with stakeholders to make sure that the top ranking teams can access support to continue develop their concepts after the event, including further access to NHS experts and data.

What if you can’t come to Edinburgh? We’ve got satellite events!

In addition to the main event in Edinburgh, there will also be satellite events happening around Scotland over the course of the 4 days so there will be ways you can participate – both as mentors and as analysts.

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