Retail change and the end of the House of Fraser

It seems that we’re watching the death throes of the House of Fraser – or at least of the House of Fraser brand. How much of this is a sign of the broader changes in retailing, and how much is the story of a poorly managed brand?

What do 7,000 job losses at M&S mean for the High Street?

Marks and Spencers have announced seven thousand job losses. What does this mean for M&S and retailing more generally?

Coronavirus and the city – Landlords vs. Retailers: Apple UK asks landlords for substantial rent cuts

Apple UK has allegedly asked UK landlords for substantial rent cuts. In an environment where the value of retail space is a fraction of what it was 6 months ago, should we be surprised?

Where’s the shift to urban cycling post covid-19?

The main thing stopping a significant shift towards urban cycling isn’t a lack of desire -it’s a lack of bicycles.

Covid-19: The 3 types of post-lockdown retailers

Now that retailing in the UK is starting to open up, we can break retailers into three groups – two you should support and one you should avoid.

How Scottish Local Authorities are spending £30M in ‘Spaces for People’ funding

We are starting to see some v. small changes in how transportation is changing in Covid-19 Scotland thanks to Spaces for People. What we don’t know (yet) is how much of the funding is going to benefit pedestrians/walkers.

Unroll yourself from claims to be a service that helps you manage your email, despite having an app that’s confusing and a faq that’s almost useless. is actually a service that sells insights into your email. Get rid of it.

Introducing the Cancer Innovation Challenge

Scotland lags behind much of Europe in outcomes for cancer patients. The Cancer Innovation Challenge has £1M of funding to develop new innovative approaches to using data to deliver better cancer treatment outcomes in Scotland.

20’s plenty – cars, speeding and communities

I think anything that makes streets safer is good – and while Edinburgh’s new 20mph policy isn’t perfect, it’s already changing how people drive in Edinburgh for the better.

How much startup time do you need for research projects? You might need more than you think

In my experience the key thing delaying the start of research projects is staff availability – whether you have access to the people you need, or if you need to recruit and how ready to recruit you (and your organisation) are.

What high-street vacancy rates really mean

While retail vacancy rates in the UK are declining, one in every seven shops is still empty. So is this decline all good news, or is it hiding some potentially bad news?

What would independence mean for Scotland’s cities?

Scotland is an urban country: 70% of Scots live in urban areas. So it follows that the majority of impact of independence will be felt by urban Scots. So what could this impact be? Will anything change? Does anyone care either way?