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Coronavirus and the city – Landlords vs. Retailers: Apple UK asks landlords for substantial rent cuts

Apple UK has allegedly asked UK landlords for substantial rent cuts. In an environment where the value of retail space is a fraction of what it was 6 months ago, should we be surprised?

Where’s the shift to urban cycling post covid-19?

The main thing stopping a significant shift towards urban cycling isn’t a lack of desire -it’s a lack of bicycles.

How Scottish Local Authorities are spending £30M in ‘Spaces for People’ funding

We are starting to see some v. small changes in how transportation is changing in Covid-19 Scotland thanks to Spaces for People. What we don’t know (yet) is how much of the funding is going to benefit pedestrians/walkers.

20’s plenty – cars, speeding and communities

I think anything that makes streets safer is good – and while Edinburgh’s new 20mph policy isn’t perfect, it’s already changing how people drive in Edinburgh for the better.