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The one thing you can’t get wrong when you cost a (research) project

A key risk faced by many projects is they didn’t make sure that they had enough staff to deliver what they promised.

I’ll tell you why this is such a big deal to funders and managers, and how you can change your approach to better manage this risk.

Introducing BLING – BLockchain IN Government

BLING – BLockchain in Government – is a €5M collaboration of 13 organisations – governments, cities and universities – who are exploring how governments can use blockchain to enable the next generation of smart services.

Creating a ‘Digital Innovation Culture’ – a new way to increase local innovation capacity developed for the Like! project

Like! is a €4.2M Interreg Vb project that is developing a ‘local innovation culture’ approach to address the underlying capacity issues that are hampering the improvement of e-government and e-services.