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Wednesday August 30, 2006


Definition: The time difference between being somewhere and getting the photos on Flickr which causes some confusion in online conversations with friends.

Sunday August 27, 2006
Saturday August 26, 2006

Do you need a boss?

"If you don't have a boss, you may need to invent one."

U.S. rice supply contaminated by GM rice

U.S. commercial supplies of long-grain rice have become "inadvertently" contaminated with a genetically engineered variety not approved for human consumption. Thank you Bayer CropScience.
Sunday August 20, 2006

Chuqui on Flickr and "Interestingness"

I don't particularly like Flickr's interestingness, but then that's because it doesn't like me [or my pictures].
Saturday August 19, 2006

Why African Americans can't swim

Unsurprisingly, its more about politics than buoyancy.
Friday August 18, 2006
Thursday August 17, 2006

Through the Viewfinder: A Tutorial

[via kottke]
Ah, so that's what TTV is all about. Never made the slightest sense before.
Wednesday August 16, 2006

What is Left? What is Right?

[via rc3.org]
On whether whether it is possible to be both right wing and secular in America.
Monday August 14, 2006

Edinburgh Council workers running gauntlet of hate

On average, council workers report abuse five times every day.
So how many times a day are they actually abused? Twenty? Fifty??
Sunday August 13, 2006
Saturday August 12, 2006


Joe Lieberman lost because "legions of angry, well-off, highly educated professionals -- yuppies -- who did him in". I am not sad to see him lose, given that he was a better Republican than many Republicans, even if he had the nerve to call himself a Democrat.

Marginal Revolution: Why is the UK so expensive?

Because the UK doesn't believe in price competition. Then add inefficient land markets, the food price premium caused by the Common Agricultural Policy...
Wednesday August 9, 2006
Tuesday August 8, 2006

Tom Coates on the design of American State flags...

Actually, it's really interesting...
Saturday August 5, 2006

Throwing While Black - the story of Warren Moon

Thursday August 3, 2006
Tuesday August 1, 2006