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Friday June 30, 2006
Thursday June 29, 2006
Wednesday June 28, 2006

David Schonauer's Summer Reading List - PopPhoto - June 2006

[via rebecca's pocket]
The Editor of American Photo on the best photo books this summer

Flick'd Away

What happens when your Flickr Pro account expires? Where do all your pictures go??
Tuesday June 27, 2006
Monday June 26, 2006
Saturday June 24, 2006
Friday June 23, 2006
Thursday June 22, 2006
Wednesday June 21, 2006

The destruction of Beijing’s "hutongs"

Beijing's historic layout, which dates back six hundred years to the time of the Ming Dynasty, consists of hutongs, narrow alleyways that run in a maze-like fashion around the centre of the city. A third of the hutongs have been destroyed in the last three years...

Olive branch solves a Bronze Age mystery

Minoan civilization emerged a century earlier than previously believed.
Sunday June 18, 2006
Saturday June 17, 2006
Wednesday June 14, 2006
Tuesday June 13, 2006

New glacier theory on Stonehenge

Open University geologists say the stones were moved to Salisbury Plain by glaciers, not by Bronze Age man.
Monday June 12, 2006

The Viele map of Manhattan

[via kottke]
What Manhattan looked like before it was "filled in, paved over, dug up and forested with skyscrapers".
 Images 2006 06 11 Nyregion Thecity 11Viele450

Depressed men suffer in silence, says research

51 per cent of British men feel down, stressed, depressed or anxious at least once a month, while more than one in five (21 per cent) feel that way every day or a few times a week

The Top Ten Truths About the Digital Ecosystem

10. Images are king...
1. Omnipresent distractions increase the need for inner peace.
Sunday June 11, 2006

The Conservative Nanny State

How US conservatives rely on a range of “nanny state” policies that ensure the rich get richer while leaving most Americans worse off.

Academic AWOL

How to catch up when you're far far behind...
Saturday June 10, 2006

English hooligans riot in... England

Ah. This is what happens when you keep them home.

Keep dangerous palms trees off the street, Torbay council told

"Having palm trees is a little bit like keeping tigers" says a Liberal Democrat.
Friday June 9, 2006

Road rage drivers apparently suffer from "intermittent explosive disorder"

The main symptoms of the disorder are frequent outbursts that are way out of proportion to the situation... sounds more like they suffer from immaturity to me...
Tuesday June 6, 2006

What's your level of CSS knowledge?

What about HTML?? [5 and 5...]

Dr. Johnson on reminders

"People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed"
Monday June 5, 2006
Sunday June 4, 2006

The Aphorism toolkit

"Reasons to be cheerful, one , two, three" (Ian Dury)

Apple nixes off-shore support in India

Great news if true - I have had to deal with Apple 'support' in India three or four times and they were appalling each time -

"Your power supply is not working but we won't repair it as it might not be a hardware problem"

"You'll need to buy AppleCare if you want us to repair your Powerbook, would you like to buy AppleCare?" "No, I don't need AppleCare" "You need to buy AppleCare if you want Apple to fix your computer" "Do you mean that you're refusing to repair my machine even though it's under warranty?" "Oh."

They can't cope if you don't follow their script and frankly it's clear that they don't care if they can't/won't help with your problem.

We are not entirely human, germ gene experts argue

"There are some estimates that say 90 percent of the cells on our body are actually bacteria... We're entirely dependent on this microbial population for our well-being"

"Oui, Oui, Oui" all the way home

Highlights from 7 days in Paris.

Rolling Stone : Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

Robert F Kennedy Jr. says yes: whether stolen or not, a lot of pretty strange things seem to happen come election time in America...
Saturday June 3, 2006

Bosses in love with claptrap and blinded by ideologies

If doctors were as cavalier with the evidence [as bosses are], a lot of their patients would be dead and many medics would be behind bars - the Observer reviews [and loves - "what bids fair to be one of the management books of the year"] Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense

The Register's guide to buying HD TV in the UK

So let's look at the big questions. Do you need an HDTV? Well no, not really - not yet, anyway.

Working the Lines in your Photography

- followed by Using Horizontal Lines and Using Vertical Lines.

Basic summary: keep your vertical lines vertical and your horizontal lines horizontal - that's what your viewfinder' grid is for.

You did get a camera with a viewfinder grid, didn't you??
Friday June 2, 2006