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Sunday March 26, 2006
Saturday March 25, 2006
It was five years ago today,
that Apple released Mac OS X with which to play...
Thursday March 23, 2006
The Art of Sucking Down
Or, why you should treat people with a modicum of respect.
Wednesday March 22, 2006
Aryans on the Altar; Swastikas on the Church Bells
Should Berlin's only protestant Nazi-era church be preserved?
Ship locations across the world
Globalisation at work...!
How to spot a baby conservative
Whiny children tend to grow up rigid and traditional, while "confident, resilient, self-reliant" children tend to grow up to be liberals.
Spinal manipulation 'has few benefits'
Chiropractors up in arms...
Tuesday March 21, 2006
Beautiful Evidence
Edward Tufte's new book is now at the printer and should be available in May 2006.
Introverts of the World, Unite!
Catching up with Robert Rauch, author of Caring for your introvert.
Monday March 20, 2006
The war over Julius the monkey
Paul Frank vs. Paul Frank Industries...
Sunday March 19, 2006
Female Feoticide Rates Increase in Punjab
To approximately 50% by the look of it...
Mutiny at the Cafe
When baristas strike back...
Coke 'drinks India dry'
Critics claim beverage giant's bottling plants are interfering with irrigation in drought-ridden regions
The culture of dissatisfaction
How much of what we do is a reaction against things we're dissatisfied with?
Saturday March 18, 2006
Planes, Trains and Plantains
The greatest term paper ever written.
The Historical Statistics of the United States, Millenial Edition [via rebecca's pocket]
The critical skill that's more required than formal statistics is more like literary criticism. You look at a number and don't say that's a fact. You want to say where did it come from, who generated it, why, is it consistent with what we would get from looking at other sources, does it make sense? What sort of insight can the quantitative record give to the qualitative one? - Professor Susan Carter, editor in chief
Epson P-4000 review
RAW support is "a bit limited", battery life "is shockingly short". Just like the P-2000 then...
Enigma-E Cypher Machine DIY Building Kit
Completely pointless but hmm, birthday's coming up...
UK university students 'admit copying essays'
There is a lot of rhetoric against copying/cheating, but students know the worst that will happen is a slapp on the wrist...
Wednesday March 15, 2006
Congress investigating possible NCAA misuse of Tax Exempt Status
Given that the NCAA runs a series of professional sports leagues this is long overdue...
Monday March 13, 2006
lost camera: camera unlost, but not quite found.
A lost camera is found by someone who returns the pictures, but not the camera...
On Japan's death row...
your execution comes without warning.
Public inconvenience
There are 400 public toilets in London, a city of 7.5 million people. Excluding tourists and commuters, that's one for every 18,000 people.
Oyster data use rises in crime clampdown
Police hunting criminals are increasingly seeking information from electronically stored travel records, such as those created by users of the Oyster card in London.
IRS May Let Tax Preparers Sell Customers' Information
What was that song, oh yes, "I'm proud to be an American, at least I know I'm free". Just like your data.
British Rail's flying saucer plan
Not just a flying saucer, but a nuclear powered flying saucer.
The Donut Burger [via double viking]
This makes the deep fried pizza look like healthy eating...
Sunday March 12, 2006
Understanding RAW Files
If you have the space, shoot both RAW and JPG.
It's not safe !
Some people really should know better...
Saturday March 11, 2006
My disabled month
Jeff Jarvis's month with heart problems.
Thursday March 9, 2006
Sunday March 5, 2006
You're nicked ... now please follow me through ladies' lingerie
London's Metropolitan Police to build police cells in Selfridge's Department Store.
Saturday March 4, 2006
No Work and No Play [via apartmenttherapy]
James Surowiecki on the non-appearance of the leisure economy of the future: "In the American model, then, you work more hours and use the money you make to pay for the things you can’t do because you’re working"
Friday March 3, 2006
What's in a surname?
Mapping the UK's surname distribution.
Scenes from the Culture Clash
How US companies are dealling with the havoc the newest generation of workers is causing in their offices.
The Middle Class on the Precipice [via 3quarksdaily]
How the American Middle Class's safety net is being whittled away.