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Monday October 31, 2005
Sunday October 30, 2005
Cheaper homes [i.e. trailers] hit harder by hurricane Wilma
Apparently Americans have just figured this out. In other news, water still wet.
Debt hits poorer students hardest, finds study
Particularly poor Scottish students, who don't even pay tuition fees.
Monday October 24, 2005
Saturday October 22, 2005
Celebrity culture: muddles in the models
"Wolff made a couple of brilliant points last night, including the very sensible observation that the celebrity culture supplies stories that have the virtue of being both deeply interesting and free." Free, yes. Deeply interesting? No.
Picture sudoku
Much harder than with numbers...
Friday October 21, 2005
Beware of Trained Hopelessness
"A phenomenon where the customer feels complaining will do no good"
Scotland's murderous heart
A new report claims Scotland has a higher murder rate than America. The UN says it's the 'most violent place in the developed world'. How did it come to this? Irvine Welsh on the dark heart of his beloved homeland...
Thursday October 20, 2005
Tuesday October 18, 2005
Monday October 17, 2005
Hurricane evacuees seek help in poverty-stricken regions
"We were suffering [even] before that damn hurricane came"
Saturday October 15, 2005
George Bush "hammers like a little girl"
Says David Lettermain, America's leading Political Scientist...
CCD failures: the bigger picture
The CCD [the digital image sensor] is failing on a wide range of digital cameras made between 2002 and 2004 from [deep breath] Canon [8 models], Fuji [4 models], Sony [23 models], Konica/Minolta [8 models] and Nikon [3 models]. In every case the CCD was made by Sony... UPDATE: you can add models from Ricoh and Olympus too...
New on Flickr: Camera-Tossing [via tpwireservice]
When exactly are you supposed to catch the camera though...?
Scots 'ignorant' about Trafalgar
English 'ignorant' about covenantors too I'll bet.
Friday October 14, 2005
Jon Dennis analyses John Peel's top 20 albums
I have two of them, one of which I rather dislike, and the other I'm so ambivalent about that I have no idea where it is or if I still even have it...
The re-proletarianization of the post-bourgeois workforce
Or, how once middle class jobs have become working class jobs again, with low pay, low benefits and poor pensions instead of high pay and good pensions.
The Best Burgers in NYC
And who says I never post anything of vital importance??
How to flog a cinematic turkey
How the PR firm for Guy Ritchie's stinker Revolver [alleged stinker, I couldn't even stand the first half of Lock, Stock...] managed to get a rave 'quote' from the Sun newspaper...
Reporters: Lost in the 'Fog'?
"Fog facts are things that have been reported, somewhere, sometime, but have disappeared into the mist—like the pre-9/11 hints that there were hijackers in our midst. The fog facts can still be found by enterprising reporters, but with time and news space increasingly crunched—and media priorities shifting to the trivial—they usually remain obscure, at least to the general public."
U.S. poor trapped in urban areas
"Many of the US's most disadvantaged minority households are trapped in pockets of concentrated urban poverty, preventing them from getting the educations and jobs that would enable them to rise above the poverty line"
Thursday October 13, 2005
Testing Archimedes' Death Ray
Technology straight from the 3rd Century BC.
Wednesday October 12, 2005
Christian group may seek ban on Qur'an
Shame they don't start with hypocrisy...
Have Recessions Absolutely, Positively Become Less Painful?
"Year to year, the economy is less volatile, but in some ways it has become more volatile month to month."
Young households 'cannot afford' first homes
Too poor to buy the cheapest local houses, but too rich to qualify for housing benefit.
Tuesday October 11, 2005
Yet another online colour blender/palette maker.
The 10 words that lead to success
For some strange reason mistake is not one of them...
Monday October 10, 2005
New fathers to be offered six months' unpaid leave
Unpaid? How generous. How useless.
From the Cutty Sark to the Dome
A wee London photo essay.
Sunday October 9, 2005
danieldrezner.com :: So Friday was a pretty bad day....
Dan doesn't get tenure. Stupid £$%@#€ system.
Saturday October 8, 2005
Why Do-It-Yourself Photo Printing Doesn't Add Up
I would have thought it was because life's too short, but apparently there are economic reasons too.
Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo qualify for the World Cup
None have been before: Nigeria won't be joining them.
ban comic sans :: Putting the Sans in Comic Sans
"the typeface has been used in countless contexts from restaurant signage to college exams to medical information. These widespread abuses of printed type threaten to erode the very foundations upon which centuries of typographic history are built."
Israeli high court bans military from using Palestinians as "human shields"
"Volunteering" to be a human shield banned as well.
Parsi tradition dying out for lack of vultures
Yes, you read that right: vultures.
Uncool cities
The key to urban prosperity may not revolve around attracting the "hipster set" of gays, twentysomethings and young creatives after all.
The digital camera turns 30 — sort of
Kodak had a prototype in 1975, but waited for decades before entering the market.
Epson P-4000 Multimedia Storage Viewer
With a 80 GB hard disk drive, USB 2, and it can read Type II CF cards.
Friday October 7, 2005
"Every nation has its great myths —the stories it tells itself to shape identity and to form its culture. Most of Canada’s had been dull things about the fur trade and angry Quebeçois; as the nation rolled into the 1980s, it desperately needed its own story to tell. Just a few years earlier, Trudeau had danced his pirouette behind the back of the queen, and Gretzky was just a kid turning heads at the Oilers. But Canada had never been bound by anything or anybody quite like Terry Fox."
Binge drinking? Blame house prices
People binge drink because they're priced out of the property market and thus have 'excess' income to spend on gratification and alcohol, or so the theory goes.
Thursday October 6, 2005
How To: Make Your Brick Walls Like BDDW's
I don't know who BDDW are, but I like their walls.
Delivered from the deep
A quick primer on why not to try and cross the Atlantic in a dinghy.
How to Fold a Shirt Revisited
Step by step instructions for those of us who never worked at the Gap.
How Euro are you??
Excessively, apparently.
Wednesday October 5, 2005
Sunday October 2, 2005
Scotland has second highest murder rate in Europe
And is also the most violent country in the world, according to the UN.
Saturday October 1, 2005
Making a Success of Grad School
"To boil it down to a one-line characterization: in academic environments, expectations are high and monitoring is low (but decisive when it happens). Many grad-student pathologies spring from a failure to deal with this problem."
Why Most Published Research Findings are False
More accurately put the argument is actually why many are false [not most].
Black Toilet Paper
Just the thing for the hyper-minimalist bathroom...