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Monday August 29, 2005
Sunday August 28, 2005
Wal-Mart calls for Tesco inquiry
Claims it can't compete with Tesco, and wants government help. Nothing like a bit of competition, eh?
Dumbed-down GCSEs are a 'scam' to improve league tables, claim critics
"At a stroke, the[se 'exams'] solve many of the problems affecting our schools today... First, they require no teachers, and teachers are expensive and difficult to find. Second, as the papers appear to need no specialist knowledge, they could be marked by secretarial staff or, indeed, anyone walking by on the street. Third, they are an excellent test of the candidate's ability to read, as most of the answers are actually in the questions."
Scandal! Completely clothed woman with a modest neckline!< br/> Nutty professor demonstrates that his lack of education hasn't hurt him none.
Saturday August 27, 2005
Basic bank accounts 'fail to help the poorest'
Half of low-income consumers still prefer to manage their money in cash because the accounts didn't meet their needs.
Henri Cartier-Bresson @ the Dean Gallery, 6 August - 23 October, 2005
Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos
The largest retrospective ever staged in Britain, allegedly.
The Dean Gallery is the only UK venue for this tour.
Friday August 26, 2005
Beware of pink elephants
Bill McFarlan is a Scottish journalist and author who identified the use of "unprompted negatives" in speech as signposts to the activity the speaker is trying to deny. He calls these denials "Pink Elephants". So: "There can be no whitewash at the White House" suggests that there was...
Thursday August 25, 2005
a place to view, rate and review web colours & palettes
oe magazine - photofakery
Identifying falsified images can be straightforward if you know a few tricks. Apparently.
UK academics fear new brain drain
Low-paid lecturers being lured to US, warns report. No surprises there then.
spiked | The A-level debate: a failure of intelligence
"New Labour is painfully aware that education policy today is about dealing with a number of reality gaps: the fact that a greater proportion of young people holding more and higher-grade qualifications than ever before coexists with rising levels of functional ignorance, as reported by businesses and universities alike"
Tuesday August 23, 2005
Ipod generation 'are worse off'
"The report by think-tank Reform calls under-35s the "Ipod" generation - because they are "Insecure, Pressured, Overtaxed and Debt-ridden"."
National Statistics Online: UK internet access
Over half (55 per cent) of non-users said 'I have not really considered using the Internet before and I am not likely to in the future'. This core group of non-Internet users represented 17 per cent of all adults in Great Britain.
Radio 1 launches John Peel Day
Will be on October 13th.
What's the difference between a "disc" and a "disk"?
One's optical media, and the other's magnetic media.
In Retail, Profiling for Profit [via tpwireservice]
"Big chain stores used to be among the most egalitarian of places. They were aimed at the average person, the generic "shopper," without conscious regard to background, race, religion or sex. That is changing as computer databases have allowed corporations to gather an unparalleled amount of data about their customers. Many retailers, like Best Buy, are analyzing the data to figure out which customers are the most profitable -- and the least -- and to adjust their policies accordingly."
Saturday August 20, 2005
Friday August 19, 2005
How to tell what playlists your song is on in iTunes
[Right click (or control click) the song, and in the menu there's an item called Playlists...]
Oakland A's have won 47 of their last 62 games
Billy Beane still laughing, Moneyball still the most important book of 2004.
Your inside track to the airlines' unadvertised fare reductions and other great airfares, apparently.
Flickr Related Tag Browser
This is SO impressive... type in a tag, get images and related tags back...
Smart organizations ignore the urgent.
"Smart organizations understand that important issues are the ones to deal with. If you focus on the important stuff, the urgent will take care of itself."
Thursday August 18, 2005
L'Oréal pulls TV ads after advertising watchdog notices they're a pack of lies
The ruling is the latest to suggest some claims made by manufacturers of expensive creams and lotions that promise to defy the ageing process are more mumbo-jumbo than miracle cure.
Study: eating french fries boosts cancer risk
Very young children who eat French fries frequently have a much higher risk of breast cancer as adults, U.S. researchers have reported.
Bookworm Bush's holiday reading - Salt: A World History, Alexander II: the Last Great Tsar and The Great Influenza
Kurlansky, whose book charts the rise and fall of what was once seen as the world's most strategic commodity, said he was surprised Mr Bush had taken his 484-page book to the ranch. "My first reaction was, 'Oh, he reads books?'"
Big jobs that pay badly - 1) Architect 2) Chef 3) Academic Research Scientist.
Apparently all that work you did for your PhD may not have been all that cost effective. Surprised? Didn't think so.
Wednesday August 17, 2005
The Motorola Razr needs an address book
Beautiful looking phone, exceptionally crap software.
Monday August 15, 2005
Airlines lose lifevests to fit fat flyers
"This week, the Federal Aviation Administration revised guidelines used by airlines to calculate how much weight they have on board to take account of the fact that Americans are getting fatter. The FAA has added 8% to a male and 18% to a female traveller in an attempt to ensure that the centre of gravity, takeoff speed and fuel needs for planes can be more accurately estimated."
EthiopiaLives.net : Home
19 Ethiopians turn their cameras onto their own lives.
Saturday August 13, 2005
Never mind crime, tidy up the garden
An area's 'liveability' is best guide to locals' happiness, says report.
US Census: Texas newest state where "minorities" are in the majority
Texas joins California, New Mexico and Hawaii as states with "majority-minority" populations.
Virgin Megastores lose £260m in two years
Overpriced CDs/DVDs, poor selection, no surprise here.
Londonist Loves… Hampstead Heath
"The 800 acres of grasslands, meadows, woodland, ponds and bogs are truly all things to all people, and stand as a verdant reflection of London's diversity in minicosm (being too large to count as a microcosm)."
Experts 'decipher' Inca strings
Experts say one bunch of knots appears to identify a city, marking the first intelligible word from the extinct South American civilisation.
Tuesday August 9, 2005
King David's Palace Is Found, Archaeologist Says - New York Times
Hani Nur el-Din, a Palestinian professor of archaeology at Al Quds University, said he and his colleagues considered biblical archaeology an effort by Israelis "to fit historical evidence into a biblical context." He added: "The link between the historical evidence and the biblical narration, written much later, is largely missing. There's a kind of fiction about the 10th century. They try to link whatever they find to the biblical narration. They have a button, and they want to make a suit out of it."
How to take good photos of buildings
Tip #1: turn on the architectural grid in your camera's viewfinder/display screen. If your camera doesn't have one, then why did you buy it in the first place?
Dixons to end 35mm camera sales
Too few people buying their extra special super-expensive extended warranties, probably.
Sunday August 7, 2005
Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer dies
The veteran Buena Vista Social Club singer Ibrahim Ferrer dies in a Havana hospital, aged 78.
Saturday August 6, 2005
Luxury brands flee department stores
"Coach bags priced over $400 are displayed like museum pieces. It’s a world where a friendly and immaculately dressed sales staff always greets you, the music is always just right and absolutely nothing ever goes on sale."
Retail Alphabet Game
You will be presented with 26 alphabet letterforms, extracted from product and corporate logos within the United States. Your job is to figure out the source of each.
slower.net log: Photoblogger Agonistes
"The slides talk about the relationship between the medium of photoblogging and that pursuit, specifically dwelling on the areas where the medium (as I use it) might now be helping me less than it once did."
A step-by-step guide to charisma
Apparently being immune to the charisma of others helps your charisma...
Banksy graffitis the West Bank Barrier - a photo gallery
Banksy graffito on the West Bank Barrier in Ramallah
Friday August 5, 2005
Thursday August 4, 2005
Wednesday August 3, 2005
Ah well, easier said than done I suppose...
Bank sorry for 'insult' cash card
Customer relationship management does not include calling your customers names on their debit cards.
Hate crimes up by 600% in London
A post bombing 'reaction'.
Tuesday August 2, 2005
"Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bulls*it"
a manifesto for anyone who’s sick and tired of the twenty-first century’s tidal wave of bulls*it, apparently.
Monday August 1, 2005
EU defeat in banana export battle
Victory for US Agribusiness, not Latin American countries, and definitely bad news for many Caribbean islands.