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Saturday July 30, 2005
Friday July 29, 2005
Thursday July 28, 2005
Some other important things to remember in thinking about the police actions of 22 July:
(1) There is no general legal duty to assist the police or to obey police instructions. Rice v Connolly [1966] 2 QB 414. [Via Londonist]
Wednesday July 27, 2005
Steve Claridge quits is fired by Milwall
After just 36 days. So ends one of the most bizarre managerial hirings of the year... According to theGuardian, this is the seventh shortest managerial reign: the Telegraph says it's the thirteenth.
Tiny PCs goes into administration
Not before time, if their customer service reputation is to be believed.
Downloading 'myths' challenged
"People who illegally share music files online are also big spenders on legal music downloads, research suggests."
What does it mean to be British?

"A YouGov survey for the Telegraph has found that Britons' sense of national identity depends far more on shared values and institutions than on nostalgia for warm beer and village cricket".

Bad news for tabloid editors then.
Tuesday July 26, 2005
Pay-for-play costs Sony BMG $10m
Some 45 years after it was banned, Sony-BMG was caught paying payola [i.e. for its music to be played on radio stations]. Apparently buying radio play, even for 'artistes' like J-Lo, is dead cheap.
Paper pays the price for criticizing Wal-Mart [Via poynter.org]
[Eventually Wal-Mart backed down once the story hits the national headlines.]
Stephen Pollard: We need more from the police
"But everything about this incident smells of - at best - incompetence of the most grotesque and tragic kind. For me, the point which needs answering as a matter of urgency is why the police thought it perfectly OK to let a suicide bomber wander around the streets and get on a bus, and that he was only a problem when he got on the underground - with, as they claim to have believed, live explosives."
Monday July 25, 2005
Phone company blocks access to telecoms union's website
The Telecommunications Workers' Union of Canada has been locked out by Telus, a large phone company and ISP. Surfers using Telus' ISP arm are being blocked from two of TWU's websites.
Sunday July 24, 2005
Saturday July 23, 2005
The Keep-It-Clean Plan
If you plan properly, allegedly you can keep your house sparkling in just 19 minutes a day. I couldn't tell you if it works.
The Economist on Americanisms
"Mr Bush has woken up to the danger is preferable to Mr Bush woke up to the danger, unless you can add last week or when he heard the explosion."

Even better:

"Regular is not a synonym for ordinary or normal: Mussolini brought in the regular train, All-Bran the regular man; it is quite normal to be without either."
The personal MBA 40
40 books that represent your own, do it yourself, do it at home, MBA.
Friday July 22, 2005
YAP: yet another photoblog.
How Costco became the anti-Wal-Mart
Lower prices, higher pay for workers... no wonder Wall Street's unhappy. [Via WonderBranding]
The Google phenomenon and ESRI's dilemma
Of interest to GIS people and just about no-one else, but still, hey...
Thursday July 21, 2005
Sunday July 17, 2005
Chocs away as young New Puritans shun vice and frown on fun
Apparently believing that smoking should be outlawed in bars, chocolate vending-machines banned in schools and four-wheel drive vehicles barred from cities makes you a "New Puritan".
It's not an ad, it's cinema sudoku
Three Stella Artois ads contain more film references than film critics can find.
Saturday July 16, 2005
Mike Davis on Dubai - a Paradise Built on Oil
Mike Davis is the author of City of Quartz.
Protestant adoption agency snubs Catholics
Protestant vs. Catholic: the oldest and soon to be newest front in the great American culture wars.
Wednesday July 13, 2005
Nikon D70 2.0 firmware update
With detailed installation instructions. And you don't have to register either.
Monday July 11, 2005
London's citizen reporters
"There's always someone closer to the story than you."
Saturday July 9, 2005
Syracuse Megamall To Change World
A developer in Syracuse, NY plans to make that city the number one tourist destination in America with Destiny U.S.A., an '800-acre waterfront resort featuring the world's largest enclosed and integrated structure'.
Plato's Retreat - the rules
From Allan Tannenbaum's New York in the 70s book.
Friday July 8, 2005
Creationism: God's gift to the ignorant
Richard Dawkins speaks his mind.
Tuesday July 5, 2005
Saturday July 2, 2005
More evidence that the Gulf Stream is slowing down
Lovely, just lovely. Much colder winters and widespread ecological devastation may be just years away.
Nightmare on Orchard Street
Or, the joys of trying to rent a flat in NYC. [Via Gawker]
Shopping While Black
The two questions: do you get away with more if you're white, and why aren't celebrities forced to shop during opening hours?