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Wednesday June 29, 2005
Tuesday June 28, 2005
Monday June 27, 2005
Five Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations
  1. Don’t give PowerPoint center stage
  2. Create a logical flow
  3. Make it readable
  4. Less is more
  5. Distribute a handout
Balls Out
How to throw a no-hitter on acid, and other lessons from the career of baseball legend Dock Ellis
Sunday June 26, 2005
A kidnap a day by foreign gangs in London
Violence and torture are often used to extract ransoms, says the Metropolitan Police
On Autism's Cause, It's Parents vs. Research
"It doesn't seem to matter what the studies and the data show," said Ms. Ehresmann, the Minnesota immunization official. "And that's really scary for us because if science doesn't count, how do we make decisions? How do we communicate with parents?"
Saturday June 25, 2005
Uncommon Photographers
Photographing the photographer
Friday June 24, 2005
16 to 24? The Pentagon has your number, and more...
The Defense Department and a private contractor have been building an extensive database of 30 million 16-to-25-year-olds, combining names with Social Security numbers, grade-point averages, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
Tuesday June 21, 2005
Sunday June 19, 2005
Are you a prosumer? Take this hand quiz
If you're not willing to admit what you spent on something for your hobby, you probably are.
Saturday June 18, 2005
Thursday June 16, 2005
Tuesday June 14, 2005
Designer urges emphasis on 'healthier buildings'
"Britain's buildings and public spaces are encouraging obesity and public health problems... a lack of prominent staircases in new commercial and public buildings, inadequate exercise facilities in schools and streetscapes that discourage walking and cycling, are putting unnecessary strain on a public health system which is increasingly being forced to cope with disease caused by sedentary lifestyles."
Monday June 13, 2005
A's for Everyone!
The joys of dealing with students who do, of course, all deserve A's. [via Q Daily News]
Saturday June 11, 2005
Muslim? Looking for a new job? Having little success? Try changing your name...
Tariq Ahmed was surprised how effective it was for him... not exactly a ringing endorsement of UK society, is it?
Thursday June 9, 2005
CNN Stuns U.S. With Actual News
From the International Edition, naturally.
Wednesday June 8, 2005
Transparent Duct Tape

Oh my, wonder when this'll make it to the UK??
Sunday June 5, 2005
Saturday June 4, 2005
Police steal bicycle from panhandler
What would you do if a random policeman demanded that you prove that you owned your bike??
NO2ID: stop ID cards and the database state!
Martin Burn's extended rant is also worth reading.
Friday June 3, 2005
Shure E4c earphones
A 'High-Definition driver' with 'Tuned-Port' technology significantly enhances bass response, allegedly. Which would be good, as the bass response of the E3cs is pretty poor.
Sidenote A OS X snippet keeper
Trendy appliances often least reliable
"You simply can't rely on Dyson and Hoover"
Study: Shoppers naive about online retail pricing
No Virginia, the lowest price isn't the law, and if you shop around it may actually cost you money.