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Tuesday May 31, 2005
Ben & Jerry's Pint Lock keeps your ice cream safe
How long 'till this is cited in a divorce?
French champagne houses eye up English vineyards
A benefit of global warming, apparently...
Monday May 30, 2005
Sunday May 29, 2005
The South China Mall... Soon to be the world's largest.
Marginal Revolution: The Secret to a Good Marriage? Delusion.
And I thought you had to be delusional to get married in the first place...
Seriously, the Joke Is Dead
Seriously, the American sense of humour is dead.
1 in 10 licensed U.S. drivers don't know the basic rules.
And 1 in 5 in the North East... doesn't exactly fill you with confidence, does it?
Numbers of teenage pregnancies still rising
Sex education still optional. Coincidence? I think not.
Saturday May 28, 2005
Friday May 27, 2005
Thursday May 26, 2005
Maintaining Motivation
6 tips for freelancers... and everyone else who works at home.
How to start using BitTorrent to download files
Still clear as mud to me, but then I suspect that's me.
Banks to be forced to transfer your money when you want them to
Britain's banks will now have to transfer your money within a day, rather than within a week. Guess it's progress of a sort...
Monday May 23, 2005
Wow. News by country, by category, and by freshness.
Essential bookmarks for web-designers and webdevelopers
Hundreds of links. Thousands, maybe.
Wall Street Survival 101
A super brief introduction into the mystical and frankly bizarre world of retail bonds. You may have thought that the bond market didn't make much sense. You'd be right.
Saturday May 21, 2005
Thursday May 19, 2005
Don't fly the 'Friendly Skies'
United Airlines was allowed by a bankruptcy judge to default on its pensions. US taxpayers [and pensioners] will be picking up the slack.
Brits 'pay over average for DVDs'
Shock, horror, surprise, eh?
Who in this world will refuse to show a stranger the way?
An update on Wold Heritage Tour photographer Tito Dupret.
WHTour: World Monuments Watch list
Panographies [vr photographs] of threatened sites.
Tuesday May 17, 2005
Sunday May 15, 2005
Friday May 13, 2005
The self-referential aptitude test
Now find out how smart you really are...
Wednesday May 11, 2005
Monday May 9, 2005
White supremacists protest holocaust memorial.
Welcome to the 21st Century. Or not.
Sunday May 8, 2005
Gapingvoid T-Shirts
With the art/ravings of Hugh MacLeod
Peanut Butter Cupcakes
The new food-group.
The Personal MBA Program
The books you need to read to do it all yourself.
Election probes raise new fears of postal vote fraud.
It now seems that fraud is both widespread and endemic to the British system.
Friday May 6, 2005
Thursday May 5, 2005
Retail sales slump hits HMV
Prices too high, selection too poor. Not that the analysts have noticed, they usually miss these things.
Are ye no' dead yet?
Credit agency now includes death search as part of credit check.
Monday May 2, 2005