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Friday April 29, 2005
Glasgow University warned it is losing reputation
I knew things weren't good, but hadn't realised they were that bad...
Thursday April 28, 2005
Scottish Blogs
Just like it says on the label.
bigempty.com: tim gasperak, photographer and designer
Wednesday April 27, 2005
Columbia Unbecoming
Columbia University threatens to get medieval with TAs and RAs if they go on strike. And they say Universities are liberal, my arse they are.
Tuesday April 26, 2005
Americans paying off their credit card debt
MBNA reeling in shock/horror.
Advice for Sale
How companies in the US pay TV "experts" to mention their products.
Friday April 22, 2005
Thursday April 21, 2005
The CSI effect
How the fake forensics of CSI and Law and Order are affecting jurors facing real forensics evidence.
Wednesday April 20, 2005
Mosque demonstrators say voting is a sin
The protesters were from a radical sect which believes that voting for any party was "major apostasy" because legislating was a task for Allah alone.
Nikon encrypting white balance metadata in RAW files
This only affects people who have a super high-end digital camera, but apparently Nikon has decided to start encrypting white balance metadata in the RAW files for their D2X and D2Hs Professional digital SLRs. This means you can't adjust the white balance in Photoshop anymore. [Via DPReview]
Tuesday April 19, 2005
Over the Hedge movie cast
Bruce Willis will play RJ the racoon, while Gary Shandling will voice Verne the turtle.
Monday April 18, 2005
Kevin Kelly -- Recent Innovations in the Method
What would you say are the innovations in the scientific method of the last 50 years? What has changed the nature of science in practice in your lifetime?
Adobe to acquire Macromedia for $3.4 billion
That'll be the end of competition in graphics programs then...
Sabine Dardenne, a victim of serial rapist Marc Dutroux, tells her story
"You have to detach yourself in order to move on. You have to stand back, to keep your distance. You can't just spend the rest of your life crying. You can't always live in the past. That shocks some people, I know."
Firefighters are attacked 40 times a week in the UK
"it is only a question of time before a firefighter is killed".
Reading the Oxyrhynchus Papyri
Scientists begin to unlock the secrets of 400,000 unread papyrus fragments.
Sunday April 17, 2005
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Hardcover)
Notice that this is much cheaper on amazon.com than it is on amazon.co.uk.
Friday April 15, 2005
Thursday April 14, 2005
Britons throw away third of the food they buy
"We are risk adverse. We're obsessed with sell-by dates."
Online essays 'sold many times'
Apparently you run the risk that your recently purchased essay's already been submitted by 300 other people.
Internet essays prove poor buys
University essays ordered online are often poor quality, apparently. Duh.
Wednesday April 13, 2005
Money Counter
A thematic analysis of how the US government spends its money e.g. science versus arts etc..
It's cheaper to call Australia than the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
Incoming calls to bedside phones at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary cost up to 49p a minute at peak times and 39p a minute at other times, compared to 22p a minute to Australia.
The British are among the least generous in the world when it comes to leaving money to charities
This is of course a reflection of the British tax system, rather than a comment on Britons themselves. Not that the Guardian noticed this.
New adventures in phishing and pharming
New and far more subtle forms of online fraud and identity theft keep emerging...
Kyocera kills off Contax
Kyocera is pulling the plug on Contax, the camera brand they picked up when they purchased Yashica in the mid-Nineties.
Tuesday April 12, 2005
Monday April 11, 2005
Losses to file sharing greatly exaggerated, film at 11
Michael Geist, law professor at the University of Ottawa, does a bit of math and finds that the music lobby's sums don't quite add up.
The Mall Goes Undercover - It now looks like a city street
Nice to see that our american friends discovering Post-Modern retailing.
Black and white Photography » Walking the Circle Line: Moorgate to Tower Hill
"I am walking London Underground’s Circle Line. In this installment, I’ll be making the trek from Moorgate through Liverpool Street and Aldgate to Tower Hill."
The Scourge of "Tuscan"
I live about 25 miles north of Orange County in the old middle of Los Angeles (yes, there is a middle) and while there are many things to like about it, there are a few things to abhor: and one of those things is the creeping encroachment of a new visual style in building — hard to call it architecture — that has already covered Orange County and threatens the visual ecosystem of Los Angeles like an errant weed that blew over in a shipping container from some other place and proceeds to choke out all other organic growth. Some call this style “Tuscan”.
Google à la française
"If English books are threatening to swamp cyberspace, Mr Chirac will not stand idly by".
Saturday April 9, 2005
Curling trumps Pope
"Every channel I get (that's about 4) has coverage of the Pope's death—save the CBC [aka the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation], which is showing curling."
Vote-rigging ex-councillor jailed
A former Labour councillor has been jailed for three and a half years for rigging postal votes in 2002.
Plaid It Again, Uncle Sam, or thoughts on Tartan Day
It’s hard to imagine a greater contrast than that between the colourful, innocent patriotism of Scottish Americans and the glum attitudes of modern, civic, devolutionary Scotland.
Not Apathetic - but not voting in the election either.
NotApathetic was built so that people who are planning not to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th can tell the world why. Brought to you by MySociety, the same people who developed the write to them/fax your MP projects.
How not to design your nuclear waste storage site
"This is as good as it's going to get. If they need more proof, I will be happy to make up more stuff."
The New Pitch: how the [US] ad industry is changing
"Anything that is complex narrative storytelling — one-hour dramas, narrative miniseries, character-driven movies for television — advertisers don’t believe there is an audience under fifty for these kinds of shows." [via DesignObserver]
english cut: no strings attached
Ever wonder where the phrase comes from? Now you'll know.
Friday April 8, 2005
Doctors may turn away 'irresponsible' obese
Older people and patients who refuse to change their unhealthy lifestyle may be denied treatment under proposals from the organisation [NICE] which sets the UK's clinical guidelines.
UK Papers reject anti-monarchy ad
The Daily Telegraph has joined the Daily Mail and refused to run an advert that mocked the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles and urged support for an elected head of state... [the ad] is scheduled to appear in the Independent, the Guardian and the Scotsman tomorrow.
Card companies offering credit to homeless young people
A study by the homelessness charity Centrepoint found almost a quarter of young homeless people surveyed had been offered credit via unsolicited promotional literature from credit card companies and other lenders sent directly to their hostels.
Tuesday April 5, 2005
Strange marks of violence
Graphic evidence about the death in custody of one of its citizens in Iran may finally force the Canadian government to act... or not. If you know their track record.
Monday April 4, 2005
Japan's virgin wives turn to sex volunteers
Lustless matches put country on brink of demographic disaster
Sunday April 3, 2005
Mark Thatcher refused US visa
Thatcher [infamous son of Maggie...] has been refused a visa to enter the United States in the wake of his conviction for helping fund/supply an African coup plot.
Saturday April 2, 2005
Yahoo launches a Creative Commons search engine
This lets you search for things by license - so you could find images that you could freely re-use, rather than find images and then have to try and negotiate re-use rights. That being said, I still get people asking me if they can use my photos even though every one is labelled with a pretty obvious license... [via Boing Boing]
Photo Editing 101
The difference between professional photographers and amateurs, they shoot more and show less: in other words, they edit like hell. For a similar take, see Black and White World: A Workshop With Garry Winogrand. [both via Kottke]
Barry Barr's graffiti photos
You may have noticed I have a liking for graffiti and street photography: Patrick Barry Barr has been taking photos of graffiti and murals in various cities including Milan, Barcelona, Bilbao, BeloHorizonte (Brasil), Lima and, Queens, NYC. [via Wooster Collective]
The Way We See it
A London-based collaborative photo-blog [for lack of a better description...] where every week or so a group of photographers take pictures of a different part of London. The project aims to see how differently people view and perceive the same place through the lens.
GRAPHICJUNKIES -So ruff, So tuff, Out here, Baby...
A Georgia policeman takes his camera to work with him.
Friday April 1, 2005
Man charged in World's End murders
A man has appeared in court charged with murdering and raping the two victims of the World's End killings [so called as the victims were last seen leaving the World's End Pub on the Royal Mile] in Edinburgh 28 years ago.
Women 'pushed into girls' jobs'
Young people were actively discouraged from pursuing jobs outside the "norm" for their gender, a study by the Equal Opportunities Commission said. Girls from lower social groups are denied access to careers advice, work experience and training...
'Republicans have transformed our party into the political arm of conservative Christians.'
Says John Danforth, former United States senator from Missouri [Republican], also known as the last US ambassador to the UN.
Retail sales slump to worst level for 12 years
It's beginning to feel a lot like... a recession.